TMI Presents “Microsoft Teams Can Coexist with Your Current Phone System” at this years ECNO Conference

Together Forward – the theme of ECNO’s Annual-turned-Virtual conference for 2021, was at the forefront of events held by the organization early last month. ECNO (the Educational Computing Network of Ontario) has been involved in ensuring that all 72 school boards across Ontario have access to effective IT solutions to suit the ever-changing relationship between education and technology.

Telecom Metric at ECNO Virtual Conference: Together Forward
Telecom Metric integrates MS Teams with your phone system

Telecom Metric, a leading Canadian VoIP solution provider, secure communications, and MS Teams Voice connectivity presented “Microsoft Teams Can Coexist with Your Current Phone System”, a brief overview of how educational organizations can utilize existing 3CX, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, or legacy systems with Teams software. Presented by Loan Duong, Chris Patterson, and Rabbani Mohd, Telecom Metric showcased the video and remote calling capabilities and functionalities of Microsoft Teams and that the software can be connected in a secure and reliable way built to keep educational organizations, educators, and students connected.

Microsoft Teams is now being used by organizations across numerous industries as a Unified Communications tool to manage incoming and outgoing telephone calls, voicemails and more from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. With Microsoft licencing already a part of many educational institutions, utilizing this application is affordable, safe and secure

Comparing Microsoft’s Team calling plans to Direct Routing plans from a Canadian SIP provider, the Telecom Metric team outlined numerous opportunities for educational organizations to make the most of their dedicated budgets, options for call types and setups, and detailing how Direct Routing works to connect existing phone systems with MS Teams.

Telecom Metric also provided an in-depth product demonstration including 3 calling scenarios from an educational institution to showcase the features and capabilities of the routing and application.

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Microsoft Teams Can Coexist with Your Current Phone System

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