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Managed Telephony

IP telephony is transforming the way users communicate within and between organizations. It provides the foundation for unified communications and allows professionals to initiate voice, data or even video interactions on a common infrastructure. Securing, optimizing, and managing the systems and networks requires considerable knowledge. Telecom Metric’s managed telephony services help organizations like yours rapidly make the switch to new secure IP environments. We have a proven track record of cost effectively migrating enterprises away from legacy and traditional PBX systems. Our integrated secure infrastructure management framework helps you to accomplish this transformation with added security and minimal impact to your ongoing operations.

Managed Telephony

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Regular Security Assessments

We regularly assess our client’s current voice network setups and provide detailed reports when we find vulnerabilities and patches, making recommendations based on the latest security protocols.

Active Monitoring

We actively monitor all layers of network traffic to prevent vulnerabilities.

Redundancy & Failover

With 9 redundant environments offering automatic backups & built-in failover, your data is always safe.

Credential Protection

We protect access to your account and devices with advanced security protocols.


To make our customers happy with their transition to a new phone service, our teams take an integrated approach when it comes to new project deployments. To avoid hand-over issues throughout a deployment project’s phases, TM uses a program management methodology in which the customer deals with a single point of contact who owns accountability and customer satisfaction from beginning to end.

  • Detailed site surveys for security and infrastructure
  • Create detailed implementation plans
  • Work closely with your current IT staff
  • Hardware & configuration recommendations
  • Seamless migration


Telecom Metric provides easy, yet in-depth training to employees based on what their phone usage will be. From basic phone functionality to the majority of users, to more complex features that will be used by reception, mobile users, and conference leaders. IT staff are given a more complex training scenario where they will learn how to manage phones and endpoints, track usage with reporting features, as well as manage functions of the PBX on their own.

  • Employee training
  • Advanced user training
  • Reception desk training
  • Call centre training
  • IT staff training
  • Support documentation

Support When It Matters

Troubleshooting phone problems can be a daunting task when confronted with all the possibilities that one needs to look at. They can include networking issues, phone equipment, connections, ATA configurations, dialing plans, as well as problems occurring on the internet. There can be a lot to look at. For this reason, Telecom Metric’s expert support staff lets you focus on your business and not the problems with your phone system.

  • End-to-End coverage
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Tier-1 support team for everyday issues
  • Tier 2 support team for more advanced issues
  • Tier 3 engineers to solve the most complex telephony issues

Active Monitoring

  • Security breaches
  • Inbound / Outbound call thresholds
  • Long Distance usage
  • Firmware updates
  • Failed registrations / authentications
  • Emergency calls
  • Connectivity to the public networks

Best Practices

  • Encryption end-to-end
  • Redundancy & Failover
  • Managed backups
  • True E911 Solutions
  • Strong passwords enforced
  • Regular security checks
  • Advanced analytical reports

Frequently Asked Questions

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