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Microsoft Teams voice calling:

  • Connect as a primary phone system
  • Integrate your current VoIP / Legacy PBX
  • Integrate Teams for a specific department
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Data Privacy, It's the Law!

Learn more on how Canada's Privacy Law legislation can affect your business' voice data.

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Voice is Data!


Keep your organization free from:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Voicemail Hacking
  • Toll-Fraud
  • Unsecure Entry Points

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Secure Voice Communications

Connect your business with a secure & reliable voice communication solution that includes:

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Active Monitoring
  • Regular Security Assessments
  • Geographically Redundant Network
  • 100% Canadian & Private
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Why Choose Telecom Metric?

We keep your voice communications private & secure when it counts.

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Fully Redundant Platform

With 9 geographically distributed and redundant environments across the country offering automatic backups & built in failover, your data is always safe, secure, and accessible.

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End-to-End Security

Secure SIP, SRTP encryption, VLAN segmentation, and MLPS Routing are just a few of the ways Telecom Metric protects your business' sensitive voice data.

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Active Monitoring

We actively monitor all layers of network traffic to prevent intruders from unauthorized access, DoS attacks, Toll-Fraud, and other common vulnerabilities.

Map of Canada illustrating 9 redundant data centres across the country.

100% Canadian Owned and Operated

Good news for Canadian companies looking to keep their private data local!

Canadians look to Telecom Metric as the leading business VoIP solution provider because we work with you to ensure that your business remains compliant with all Federal and Provincial privacy laws.

Our goal is to help Canadian businesses succeed by providing a truly Canadian service that is fully equipped, connected, and supported.

Map of Canada illustrating 9 redundant data centres across the country.

Case Studies

An Ontario Public School Board

This Ontario public school board educates more than 19,000 students at the elementary and secondary level in 57 schools and 8 education centres in their district that covers a geographic area of 7,719 square Kilometres. The School Board was looking to upgrade their current network infrastructure across all offices and schools with their telephones being one of the priorities. With each location using a completely different and aging phone system, the school board identified key issues that needed to be addressed and resolved. Learn how Telecom Metric was able to do this.

An Ontario Community Health Centre

The PBX at this local ontario community health centre (CHC) was at end of life, they could not expand to accommodate growth and experienced intermittent signs of hardware failure. Because the CHC’s telephone service is mission critical, a team was assembled to secure funding and a committee was formed to evaluate new telephone technologies and issued a Request For Proposal from qualified vendors. Learn about some of the constraints the CHC had, and how Telecom Metric were able to provide a solution.

Is your current phone system REALLY safe and secure from intruders?

Let us perform a voice penetration test and identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that others overlook.

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Have concerns about the security of your current phone system?

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    Have concerns about the security of your current phone system?

    Let us assess your current setup and see how we can help keep your phone data private and secure.