Microsoft Teams Can Coexist With Your Current Phone System

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Who we are...

  1. 100% Canadian Owned and Operated

    All of our data centres, call centres and day-to-day operations are located in Canada, making our solutions fully compliant with all Federal and Provincial privacy laws.

  2. A Focus on Security

    Voice & data encryption along with multiple layers of cyber security that includes active monitoring to prevent and detect toll-fraud and malicious activity including DOS and DDOS attacks.

  3. Trusted by Educators

    An expert in enabling educational organizations from universities, public school boards, and private institutions leverage state-of-the-art communication technology while making the most of sensitive budgets and internal resources.

  4. Microsoft Teams Specialists

    Helping more and more educational bodies make use of their current Microsoft educational licenses to meet, work together, create content, and share resources through the power of Microsoft Teams.

The Telecom Metric Team

Microsoft Teams and Education


Microsoft Teams is used by educators in over 175 countries around the globe by over 183,000 educational institutions.


The Government of Canada has approved the use of Microsoft Teams as a safe and secure way to communicate for government bodies.


The vast majority of Ontario schools teach with Microsoft 365 and already hold educational licensing from Microsoft.


School boards across Ontario are realizing they can take advantage of their current Microsoft 365 licensing to make use of Teams built in Unified Communication capabilities.

Teams as a Phone System

Teams can now be used as a Unified Communication tool that includes placing and answering telephone calls, as well as receiving voicemail right from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Calling Plan from Microsoft
  • Limited calling plans to choose from;
  • Plans are often more expensive and require minute blocks to be purchased upfront;
  • Limited reporting / analytical tools;
  • No 911 Service in Canada.
  • No live support (36-48 hour response.
Direct Routing from a SIP Provider
  • Competitive calling plans;
  • Scalability – Pay for what you need when you need it (scale up or down based on the school year);
  • Advanced reporting / analytical tools;
  • Route outgoing calls right from your schools main number;
  • CRTC Regulated 911 Service in Canada;
  • Local 24/7 Canadian Support;
  • COEXIST WITH YOUR CURRENT PHONE SYSTEM (connect Teams users with your schools existing phone).

Different ways to Coexist!

School boards across Canada are enabling their head offices, school offices, and teachers to stay connected with each other as well as with students and parents.

  • Connect your board or head office.
  • Connect your schools front office.
  • Connect your teachers.
  • Connect everyone.
Laptop showing different ways to connect your office or school

How it Works...

  • You supply the Microsoft licensing;
  • Telecom Metric connects you to the world:
    • PSTN / Cellular connection through redundant SIP Trunks;
    • Dedicated Class 4 soft-switch in Microsoft Azures Cloud;
    • Calling plan designed specifically for your organization;
    • Microsoft designed cloud hosted SBC server (with high availability);
    • Connected directly to your Microsoft Teams deployment and your existing phone system;
    • Selected Teams users can use Teams as a phone to make and receive phone calls internally and externally;
    • Option to connect physical phones and devices to the users account.
Laptop user connected to users via video conference Man connecting using smart device Woman connecting using smart device
Diagram showing Telecom Metric connection services


Let us show you how Telecom Metric can connect the unique advantages of Microsoft Teams Unified Communication platform with your current schools phone system.

Group of people taking advantage of Telecom Metric's MS Teams Unified Communication platform

Let us connect Microsoft Teams to your existing phone system

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