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Integrate Microsoft Teams with Your Current Phone System

In the era of increased need for remote accessibility and social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual communication platforms have boomed. The need for reliable, internet-based collaboration tools grew, expanding the market from already remote-style workplaces to nearly every industry and business sector, now including traditionally in-office settings such as medical facilities, education, government, and financial organizations. These organizations, who are most likely already using Microsoft 365, are now searching how they can integrate Microsoft Teams with their current telephone systems.

The many platforms, due to the need in the market to be intuitive for a variety of different styles of user, are made to be as user-friendly and convenient to the businesses as possible, including features to unify different communications all in one like video conferencing, chat, file sharing, and more.

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Your Current Phone System

Currently, many businesses operate using the Microsoft 365 Suite, as the software giant has shifted into subscription-based (SaaS) applications and now offers its entire suite for businesses and teams to work, collaborate and communicate more effectively. Specifically, the Microsoft Teams application is being embraced as the go-to for many businesses because it’s already incorporated into their services and provides the all-in-one capabilities and integrations. This, and the fact that a business’ existing PSTN connected and VoIP phone systems can be integrated directly by Microsoft makes the application the perfect solution to unifying communications, but can be very expensive if hosted through Microsoft.

“The Microsoft Teams application is being embraced as the go-to for many businesses because it’s already incorporated into their services”

There are 2 ways to integrate an existing phone line into Microsoft Teams:

Standalone Teams as a Phone System

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Your Current Phone System
  • Using Microsoft Teams as a standalone phone system requires MS E5 licensing for every user & as well as a Teams certified Trunk (from Microsoft or from another certified source like Telecom Metric)
  • This requires Microsoft Teams-specific phones which can start around $300 and range up to $1000 each depending on your industry.

Teams Integrated With Another PBX

  • Using Teams with another PBX (such as VoIP applications like 3CX) allows for the flexibility for certain functions and features to be integrated, including softphone/mobile applications, conferencing, call centre setups and queues, paging, and IVR (Interactive voice response) auto-attendant.
  • By integrating an existing or new 3CX PBX, businesses can leverage a more cost-effective approach by continuing to use their existing desk phones (or purchase new phones for as little as $60 – $300) and avoid additional user licensing for users or extensions that do not require Microsoft Teams integration.

Simply put, although Microsoft has positioned themselves perfectly to begin incorporating PBX and VoIP phone system services to their existing clientele, it may cost a significant amount to a business, while lacking in the cohesion and unity that was being sought after. Meanwhile, some companies have no such plans to provide a 3CX integration. This is where companies like Telecom Metric come in to place. Even if there is no native integration, many times a 3rd party like Telecom Metric can provide this “outside-of-the-box”.

By connecting Microsoft Teams integrations to services and like 3CX, Telecom Metric allows businesses with existing phone solutions to retain their current phone numbers, calling plans, PBX setup, IP phones, all the while reducing the overall cost of the system and providing more flexibility and support by integrating Teams using the following:

Teams Certified Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunking

  • Telecom Metric provides 100% Canadian, Microsoft Teams certified SIP Trunking and Cloud infrastructure for Privacy & Security compliance.
  • Sessions are scalable depending on what you need and when you need it.
  • Trunks provide connectivity to the local and international PSTN and cellular networks.

Distributed Switching & Session Border Control (SBC) Servers

  • Redundant infrastructure in multiple datacentres to provide high availability.
  • The SBC in the cloud connects MS Teams to the rest of the world and your current PBX system by ensuring that data is transferred properly and securely between networks (i.e. from Teams to your existing or new PBX to the SIP Trunk to the rest of the world.
  • “Direct Routing” connects Teams to the appropriate SIP provider, allowing businesses to utilize built-in Microsoft features such as softphone applications (desktop/tablet/mobile use) while ensuring that the Teams system is integrated into your current phone system and the PSTN and cellular networks.
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By integrating your current or future phone system with MS Teams through Telecom Metric, your business’ communications can truly be unified in a reliable way. A true internet-based collaboration application that simplifies the way your business and team communicate.

Is your business or team looking to integrate an existing phone system into MS Teams while taking advantage of lower-cost solutions? Contact Telecom Metric to learn more about our 3CX to MS Teams Integration or, for more information on Telecom Metric’s Microsoft 365 Business Voice Solutions, click here.

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