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Microsoft Teams – Direct Routing for Canadian Businesses

With so many Canadian businesses transitioning into remote work for employees due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, virtual communication platforms have become the primary solution for organizations. These organizations, who are most likely already using Microsoft 365, are now choosing Microsoft Teams as their solution because of its convenience and all-in-one integration capabilities.

Selecting a Canadian Microsoft Teams Provider

Microsoft Teams
The challenge however, lies in the cost of these integrations – specifically the high price tag for integrating or moving a business’ existing PSTN connected and VoIP phone systems through Microsoft Teams certified Trunking. The solution? Canadian businesses are instead connecting with outside Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunking providers using Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams to provide the same services at a lower rate. What is still to be considered is whether these outside providers are compliant with Canadian-specific privacy laws and security requirements.

Canadian Privacy Laws

Numerous industries, including healthcare, education, government, legal and finance, are bound by strict federal and provincial privacy and data protection laws that require a certain level of compliance for collection and storage of personal/client data, such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Personal Health Protection Acts (PHIPA). Depending on where your company is located and what type of business you operate, you may be unable to transfer data outside of Canada at all. Once data is transferred outside of Canada, it becomes subject to the laws of the country where the data is stored. For example, if you send or store data with an American provider (even if the servers are located in Canada), law enforcement in the U.S. could obtain access. By keeping your data in Canada, on Canadian servers and hosted by a 100% Canadian-owned business, you can be sure that your business adheres to Canadian and provincial privacy laws for data security. Canadian telecom companies who use Canadian cloud providers have the best knowledge of these privacy laws, and are compliant with all data security laws for storing and transferring your data.

Built-in Canadian Redundancy & Security

Redundant infrastructure in multiple Canadian data centres provides high availability. Distributed Switching & Session Border Control (SBC) Servers should be set up in a primary and secondary data centre and both should be in Canada. The SBC in the cloud connects Microsoft Teams to the rest of the world by ensuring that data is transferred properly and securely. Proper security features should also be in place such as Encryption, network firewalling, Active monitoring, and more.
Microsoft Teams
Using the power of Telecom Metric’s Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, businesses can now centralize and truly unify their communications with a 100% Canadian, secure and redundant certified SIP Trunking and Cloud infrastructure for federal and provincial privacy & security compliance. With end-to-end encryption, system health monitoring and fraud protection software, we provide an additional layer of security with solutions needed to optimize your voice network’s cybersecurity.

Microsoft Teams by Telecom Metric

Is your business or team looking to integrate an existing phone system into Microsoft Teams while taking advantage of lower-cost, Canadian compliant solutions? For more information on Telecom Metric’s Microsoft 365 Business Voice Solutions click here.

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