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Peer Support of South East Ontario

Peer Support approached Telecom Metric after a series of toll fraud attacks that had cost them thousands of dollars. Their phone system was vulnerable and hackers were able to access the outdated system and make fraudulent long distance calls with their account. Throughout the telecom industry, the total losses from toll-fraud are estimated to be $10 billion dollars annually. This number has only increased in recent years with the adoption of VOIP that when left unprotected can make it easy to gain access remotely. With growing concerns and added expenses, learn how Telecom Metric was able to provide a secure solution.

Addictions Mental Health Services – KFL&A

AMHS-KFL&A was suffering from a out-dated, failing, and overall unreliable phone system. Their support contract had expired and the IT team was not able to keep the platform compliant with laws and regulations for Ontario healthcare organizations, such as PHIPA. To improve customer service and gain full control over their infrastructure and expenses AMHS-KFL&A was looking for a new, secure, and user-friendly Canadian hosted VoIP system. Learn how Telecom Metric was able to solve these problems.

An Ontario Public School Board

This Ontario public school board educates more than 19,000 students at the elementary and secondary level in 57 schools and 8 education centres in their district that covers a geographic area of 7,719 square Kilometres. The School Board was looking to upgrade their current network infrastructure across all offices and schools with their telephones being one of the priorities. With each location using a completely different and aging phone system, the school board identified key issues that needed to be addressed and resolved. Learn how Telecom Metric was able to do this.

Children’s Mental Health of Leeds & Grenville

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An Ontario Community Health Centre

The PBX at this local ontario community health centre (CHC) was at end of life, they could not expand to accommodate growth and experienced intermittent signs of hardware failure. Because the CHC’s telephone service is mission critical, a team was assembled to secure funding and a committee was formed to evaluate new telephone technologies and issued a Request For Proposal from qualified vendors. Learn about some of the constraints the CHC had, and how Telecom Metric were able to provide a solution.

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