Let us evaluate the security of your current business phone system with a voice penetration test.


Security Weakness

Identifying vulnerabilities and ways in which attackers could exploit them is one of the greatest insights you can get to improve your phone security. Telecom Metric’s security experts think outside of the box to find weaknesses others overlook, and are continuously learning new ways to evade controls in modern networks. We simulate real-world attacks on your networks, PBX applications, IP phones, and employees and then show you what it will take to strengthen it.

Security Weakness

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Security is always evolving, and so are we.

We stay one step ahead of attackers and enable your business to do the same.

Receive A Business VoIP Pen Test

    What Is a Penetration Test, And Why Do I Need One?

    In a nutshell, a penetration test is a comprehensive way of testing your organization’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities. If a hacker were to target you, A) how would they do it and B) would they be successful?

    Penetration testing (also known as pen testing) views your organization’s phone security through the eyes of both a malicious actor and an experienced cybersecurity expert to discover weaknesses and identify areas where your security posture needs improvement.

    This testing doesn’t stop at simply discovering ways in which a criminal might gain unauthorized access to your sensitive data or even take-over your phone system for malicious purposes. A detailed penetration test report will be created outlining our findings, coupled with recommendations to enhance the security within your voice communications environment. Each finding is documented with screenshots, an attack narrative to illustrate the potential risk, and a root-cause analysis to provide both tactical and strategic recommendations.

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    Magnifying Glass
    • Information Gathering
      We perform reconnaissance on our target and gather as much information as possible to help us understand what we’re up against.
    • Threat Modeling
      We identify and categorize assets, threats, and threat communities as they are relevant to the organization being tested.
    • Vulnerability Analysis
      We identify exploitable vulnerabilities through testing, validation, and research. We use a combination of commercially available and internally developed tools.
    • Exploitation
      We then try to successfully abuse, misuse, and exploit vulnerable systems, networks, devices, and humans, documenting the vulnerabilities we uncover.
    • Post-Exploitation
      After successfully exploiting our target, we must determine the value of the compromise, considering data or network sensitivity.
    • Reporting
      This is the phase where we convey what we’ve learned actionable terms. We thoroughly outline and present our findings with suggestions for prioritizing fixes, walking through the results with you hand-in-hand.

    Meet Your Industry’s Compliance Requirements

    From healthcare to financial to education and beyond, various industries impose privacy and security compliance standards to help maintain the integrity of customer records, sensitive financial information, networks, applications, and more. Keeping up with these regulations, though, is an ongoing battle.
    Telecom Metric helps you not only meet your industry’s standards, but exceed them in a way that’s logical and cost effective for your company.