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Advanced built-in functionality is built-in to every extension including Voicemail-to-email.


Advanced Voicemail

Unlike other vendors where voicemail is an added feature, Telecom Metric offers a voicemail box for each extension. A voicemail box can have a different language than the default system prompt language, allowing you to have a truly multilingual solution where each extension can have a different prompt language.

When you receive a voicemail, there are various ways to get notified of an incoming voicemail. In addition to the message waiting indicator on the phone, Telecom Metric’s solution can also send an email notification to the extension’s user. This email could contain only the notification, but it may also contain a link to a secured recording or as an attached .WAV file.

There is also the option of deleting the voicemail file from the PBX after sending it as an email attachment. It is possible to see the list of voicemails received in one easy-to-read interface. From these interfaces it is also possible to manage voicemails, which allows you to mark them as heard or unheard and even delete them from the PBX, assuming the email sending notification option is not set to delete them.

Advanced Voicemail

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Access Anywhere

You can access messages at any time, even when you’re on another call, when your desk phone is disconnected or during a power outage. Additionally, with notifications sent to your apps or email when a new voicemail arrives, you can instantly view and hear your messages no matter where you are.

  • Forward voicemails to inbox
  • Receive / Listen to voicemails from anywhere
  • Listen to voicemails without calling in
  • Easily change custom recorded voicemail prompts

Custom Greetings

Personalize your voicemail greetings to create the right welcome every time. Telecom Metric provides various greeting options so you can choose the right greeting for the right time. You can have different greetings for different situations, such as one greeting for office hours, one for weekends, and one for holidays.

  • Multiple voicemail greetings
  • Personalized messages for in-hours / out-of-hours, vacation, etc.
  • No per month costs, just one low, yearly payment
  • Optional professionally recorded greetings

Backup Your Voicemails

Backups are very important to the proper functioning of any system, and provide peace of mind to any admin. Voicemail backups are so easy to perform that there is absolutely no excuse for losing one. You can choose the email option to delete it off the server or save it for a certain amount of time, keeping the backup file size smaller depending on your needs.

  • Automatically backup emails if needed
  • Choose what emails to backup
  • Manage backup storage sizes


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