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SIP Trunking

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) is a signaling procedure widely used for controlling communications, like voice calls and video calls over the internet. SIP trunking can deliver local, toll-free, domestic, and international long-distance service. Telecom Metric’s SIP trunks allow for secure, quick, flexible, and cost-effective scalability, as opposed to the traditional PRI or analog lines which are slow to scale and costly. Only pay for what you need, and when you need more, we are right there to help.

SIP Trunking

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Encrypted Traffic

We secure voice and conference calls with authenticated, end-to-end encryption.


With 3 methods of authentication, we ensure your login credentials are true, genuine, and valid.

Session Border Control

We protect the borders between multiple service provider networks to keep communication safe & secure.

Active Monitoring

We actively monitor all layers of network traffic to prevent vulnerabilities.

Redundancy & Failover

With 9 redundant environments offering automatic backups & built-in failover, your data is always safe.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

A staple security protocol that vastly improves privacy and performance of secure web communications.

Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

We provide encryption, message authentication and integrity, and replay attack protection to the RTP.

Secure Access Control

Employed security techniques that regulate who or what can view or use resources in the SIP environment.

Fraud Prevention

Businesses across Canada feel the detrimental effects of telecommunications fraud. The most common form of fraud typically comes down to unauthorized third-party access to an onsite enterprise telephone system and making illegal and costly long-distance voice calls. Telecom Metric takes a proactive approach by actively monitoring call patterns.

  • Active monitoring of call patterns
  • Email reports for abnormal activity
  • Customized long distance limits for each customer
  • Enhanced user permissions
  • Failed endpoint detection

Encrypted Traffic

Telecom Metric ensures the confidentiality of your communications from your infrastructure to ours, and your calls are systematically encrypted using advanced algorithms such as SIP-TLS and SRTP. A large volume of calls can be processed simultaneously without disregarding the security and reliability of your IP phone system.

  • SIP Authentication
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol)
  • T.38 FAX support


Built on one of Canada’s largest Cloud-based infrastructures from British Columbia to Newfoundland and interconnected by a private meshed MPLS backbone, the TM network provides greater bandwidth optimization, security, and quality of service. All of these devices are based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) – the de facto standard for IP-based voice communications.

  • Run from multiple high-availability geographically diverse data centres
  • Interconnected by a private meshed MPLS backbone, the TM network provides greater bandwidth optimization, security, and quality of service


SIP Interoperability can be the deciding factor as to whether your deployment will be successful. Perceived to be the most difficult aspect of a SIP trunk deployment, maintaining a balance between service providers and edge devices can determine whether your deployment is secure, reliable, high-quality, or whether it works at all.

  • Tested and proven with a wide range of PBXs, desktop handsets, softphones, and applications
  • Detailed PBX configuration guides
  • Supported methods, content types, extensions, and CODEC’s

Flexibility / Elasticity

For businesses whose activities fluctuate, Telecom Metric gives you the possibility to add or remove lines as needed. Quickly increase the number of lines during the busiest periods and reduce them significantly during lulls, or simply increase the number of lines as your business grows.

  • Scale up or scale down as needed
  • Burstability to manage peaks in usage and avoid missed calls
  • Pay for what you need

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions on how Telecom Metric’s products and services can help your business in our FAQ section.

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