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VoIP vs Landline: Which is More Reliable?

Technology has considerably changed the business landscape in recent years. The telephone has undergone a complete shift in its design and capability. VoIP or Voiceover Internet Protocol has transformed the modern telephone, but is it a more reliable option than the slightly outmoded yet highly trusted landline system?

How A Landline Works

Landlines conjure up images of fixed line phones connected to cable that is laid across land, typically through use of telephone poles. The landline phone most often has a cord and is plugged into a wall outlet. Landlines offer basic features like call waiting, caller ID and voicemail.

Landline Phone
Fig1. – Landlines are reliable but offer basic, limited features.

Landlines are sometimes seen as a burden for businesses. Their wiring can become muddled and require time-consuming repairs. Some offices still have ‘phone closets’ where undistinguishable masses of wiring are stored. Technicians weave through this jungle of interconnection to sort out problems with the system.

While landlines may sound like a headache, they do have a valid reputation as being reliable. All those tactile wires provide a sturdy connection and quality sound. This is why many people hold on to their landline systems.

How VoIP Works

VoIP is a system for business communication that permits the placing and receiving of calls via the internet. It is a very different technology from that of the landline phone. A VoIP system converts calls into digital signals, with no need for wiring. The system connects to a broadband network the same way a computer does.

VoIP Phone
Fig2. – Switching to a VoIP system can save businesses money, time and provide better communication.

VoIP goes beyond what a traditional telephone can do. It offers features such as virtual receptionist, automatic call forwarding and voicemail-to-email. These features can unclutter telecommunications for a business and save employees a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

As long as the business has high-speed, secure internet service, there is really no significant difference between the reliability of a wired phone and a digital one. Speaking with your service provider to ensure that your internet is up to these standards is the best way to prevent any disruptions.

Companies who switch to VoIP systems find themselves saving money, time and providing better communication. This can make a significant difference for both customers and employees. If you are still using a landline and are tired of the hassle, are you ready to make the switch?

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