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Still Using Your Nortel System?

If you are still using your Nortel system, you are long overdue for an upgrade. Updating your system means your company will be entering the new, advanced world of telephone technology. The future is now, and it is innovative!

There is no denying that Nortel systems were built strong and made to last. Nortel, also known as Nortel Norstar or Meridian phone systems, were a heavyweight in the industry in their heyday. Like all shining stars, they must burn out at some point. Unfortunately Nortel just could not keep up with the changes in phone technology and has fallen behind the times.

Picture of multiple Nortel phone models
Fig1. – Many companies are left stranded wanting to rid themselves of their antiquated Nortel system.

Many companies are left stranded wanting to rid themselves of the antiquated Nortel system but are unsure of what new path they should take. Consulting with a business VoIP solution provider can be tremendously helpful when transitioning to a new system. Seek a provider that is trusted, well established and who shares your outlook on telephony.

One of best options when switching over from Nortel is Cloud PBX. PBX stands for public branch exchange which is a technology used to route phone calls. This technology used to be more cumbersome as it was originally a large hardware unit that had to be managed manually and repaired often. Cloud PBX is an internet-based solution that makes this process more streamlined and does not necessitate the use of large machines.

With the Cloud PBX system, you place a call through your internet phone or computer, the call is connected to your service provider via the cloud, and the call arrives at its destination. This system offers a host of benefits that its predecessor did not. Once the switch is made, efficiency is certain to spike.

So, if you are still holding onto a Nortel system in your workplace, now is the time to make a change.

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Keep Your Phones Supported And Safe

Nortel systems are no longer supported and pose a substantial security risk for businesses still using them. Consider switching to cloud-based services and lock down your network.

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