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5 Ways that MS Teams Could Change Canadian Healthcare

Even well prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, healthcare administrators have been overwhelmed with patients due to hospitals, clinics, and even large facilities all around Canada (and Ontario) suffering from budgetary cutbacks on a regular basis. To add to this, an aging population and worldwide pandemic have certainly made sure that the workload increased with these cutbacks. Healthcare professionals are using Teams to connect with patients.Recently, the Microsoft Teams application with new direct routing options have popped up as a budget-sensitive, user-friendly solution to unify and simplify the processes currently being used in Canadian medical and treatment facilities. By utilizing MS Teams across departments, centres, and multi-branch organizations, healthcare administrators can help simplify team communication with an all-in-one, unified communication software featuring video conferencing, chat, file sharing, and the facility’s voice telephone system.

Direct Routing for MS Teams is healthcare-budget friendly

While Microsoft does currently offer calling plans for Canadian and international customers, the availability and range of these plans is limited and expensive, with limited organic integration of other important applications and software used by your organization. By choosing Direct Routing from a Canadian Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunk provider like Telecom Metric Inc., your organization can save money on licenses, calling plans, analysis and reporting, as well as technical support.

Canadian SIP Trunking for Total PHIPA Compliance

Voice is data, and any Canadian healthcare organizations are held to incredibly high security and storage requirement standards to ensure that this information is kept safe. By using a Canadian direct routing and SIP trunk provider such as Telecom Metric Inc., your organization can ensure that all of your critical patient and application data is retained and backed up on Canadian soil.

All-In-One Communications for your Medical Staff

As one of the most popular Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) software application available, Microsoft Teams comes built-in to the MS Office 365 Suite subscription, and is considered a highly-reliable, user-friendly internet-based application. MS Teams offers video conferencing, chat, file sharing, even existing PSTN and VoIP telephone systems. By integrating your existing phone lines into Teams, staff can more effectively focus on providing patient support, rather than spending time managing call transfers and flow maps.

Keep your Organization’s Existing Phone Numbers

Healthcare organizations large and small often have numerous phone lines, whether published for clients to see and connect or internal for centre-to-centre or internal-staff calls. Even more often, the hesitance to change or update these numbers is high, as customers rely on the availability of these specific lines. While Microsoft Teams does have an option for organizations to retain and port existing DIDs, it can be challenging to set up outbound rules. By partnering with a Canadian SIP Trunk provider, your organization can retain and easily route all of your publicly advertised numbers while providing more flexible and custom configuration options for your centre.

Call (or take calls) from anywhere

Physicians can take their office number with them anywhere.With MS Teams web-based, desktop, and mobile application options, not only can your healthcare providers and administrators more effectively communicate between themselves and their clients, but now they can do so on the go, from a single pane of glass! Whether patients or providers are at home or in the office, on a call, chat, or video conference, the same level of professionalism and communication can exist. Telecom Metric’s experts are trusted by healthcare practitioners and providers all over Canada, as we provide state-of-the-art communication solutions that make the most of limited budgets and resources. Telecom Metric works to develop custom, comprehensive, MS Teams-based communications systems for your staff, patients, and community, helping more and more organizations make use of their current Microsoft subscription/user licenses.

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