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Grow Your Financial Organization with MS Teams Unified Communication

Building your business, especially in the financial and accounting worlds, can be challenging when it comes  to balancing the costs of technical and administrative needs while growing your team of accountants, advisors and client-facing staff. With the turn into a more digital market, including communications, accounting organizations have had to adjust quickly, well aware of the associated challenges and risks associated with client and financial-based data. With many other businesses and organizations, both large and small, adapting to this new digital-based customer service model, Microsoft Teams has come out as a strong contender for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) programs – partially because of its already available software (MS Team comes as part of Microsoft’s 365 Subscriptions), but also because of its incredible user-friendliness and integration capabilities. Using MS Teams, accounting and finance professionals can quickly, easily and effectively communicate with their clients, management team and associates, from the office or on the go. Featuring video conferencing, chat, and file sharing, MS Teams now also offers organization’s the ability to integrate their regular, client-facing and internal phone numbers to answer calls over the application. Financial organizations are moving to MS Teams as a phone serviceHas your team or organization considered the next steps to ensuring that you compete with other, digital-oriented businesses? Telecom Metric’s experts are trusted by financial organizations and accounting firms all over Canada, as we provide state-of-the-art communication solutions that allow businesses access to custom, comprehensive MS-teams based communications for staff and clients, while ensuring all organizational data is kept safe, secure, and 100% compliant with Canadian Federal and Provincial privacy laws, helping more and more organizations make use of their current Microsoft subscription/user licenses.

Direct Routing for MS Teams is budget friendly

  • Microsoft offers calling plans for Canadian and international customers, but these plans are limited and expensive, with minimal integration of other applications and important software.
  • By choosing a Canadian Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunk provider like Telecom Metric Inc. and incorporating Direct Routing, you can save money on licenses, calling plans, reporting, and technical support. 

Canadian SIP Trunking for Total Privacy Data Law Compliance

  • Voice is data, and all Canadian organizations that deal with sensitive client or business-based data are held to high security standards to ensure that this information is kept safe. Using Telecom Metric Inc., your organization can ensure that all of your critical data is kept and backed up on Canadian soil. 

All-In-One Communications for your Staff and Clients

MS Teams comes built in to your 365 subscription
  • Microsoft Teams comes built-in to the MS Office 365 Suite subscription, and is widely popular for this reason, though its features also make it a highly-reliable, user-friendly, internet application. Teams offers video conferencing, chat, file sharing, even allowing for the connection of existing PSTN and VoIP telephone systems. By integrating your existing phone lines into Teams, staff can more effectively focus on providing client  support, rather than spending time managing call transfers.

Keep your Organization’s Existing Phone Numbers

  • While Microsoft Teams does have an option for organizations to keep and use their existing internal or published phone numbers, it can be challenging to set up proper outbound rules.
  • By partnering with Telecom Metric, your organization can retain all of your existing phone numbers while providing more flexible and custom configuration options. 

Call (or take calls) from anywhere

  • With MS Teams web, desktop, and mobile applications, not only can your team more effectively communicate between themselves and their clients, but now they can do so on the go, using existing hardware! Whether client calls are taken at home or in the office, on a call, chat, or video conference, the same level of professionalism and communication can exist. 
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