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A Work From Home Strategy With Cloud-Based VoIP

Thousands of employees across the globe are connecting remotely to their place of employment with the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Businesses with traditional phone services are left scrambling to find a work from home or remote working solution and are not equipped with remote software capabilities such as softphones and built-in video conferencing solutions leading them to spend extra money on multiple separate and individual stand-alone solutions.

Whether you’re thinking of making a permanent move towards remote working or your office is taking temporary measures, Telecom Metric offers mobile and desktop softphones as well as WebRTC video conferencing that comes standard and free of extra charges for every VoIP phone user. No additional charges or software packages to link or cause confusion, a truly out-of-the-box all-in-one package.

All Your Communications Features Anytime, Anywhere

With Telecom Metric’s secure cloud-based VoIP solution, remote workers can make use of their business phone system and all of its features such as status, instant chat, the live website chat, web client and smartphone apps to keep in touch with colleagues and customers. The 3CX WebMeeting feature also allows them to meet face to face and collaborate with features such as whiteboard, PDF sharing, polling and more. And, with integrated WebRTC technology, they can easily create meetings within their browser with no need for any downloads or plugins.

In addition to work from home capabilities for businesses, WebMeeting is also a great solution for e-learning. As well as offering a reliable and collaborative solution for distance learners, it can easily be utilized by schools and universities at times when students are not able to make it to campus.

Video Conferencing With a More reliable WebRTC solution

In particular, a WebRTC bug that has been prevalent amongst many solutions as of late, has caused headsets not to work and audio issues for WebRTC-based products. This bug has affected everything from Google Hangouts to Meet Duo, with open source projects like Jitsi not faring much better. Telecom Metric uses the 3CX platform that has addressed this bug, making it more stable than other solutions which of course is crucial in any working environment, but especially in times of crisis.

Telecom Metric Assists Their Customers To Work From Home

There are many solutions on the market, many of which are either extremely costly or have significantly limited capabilities and integrations. Unify your communications and pay for one solution that handles all of your business’ needs. It is unsure how long the current situation will last. Preparing now for the long haul, as well as future proofing your business’ functionality in times like this is a common action that many businesses and organizations are currently working through.

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