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Selecting the Right VoIP Phone

So, you have made the decision to integrate the advanced technology that a VoIP phone system offers your business. Great! But now comes the question, which VoIP phone is right for you?

With over 200 Voice over Internet Protocol phones available on the market today, choosing one for your business can be a challenging task. It is also a task that shouldn’t be done too hastily, as you want to ensure that the phone you select meets all of your business’s requirements. Here is a step by step approach to finding the best phone with features that work for you.

Step One: Check With Your VoIP Provider

Talk to your VoIP service provider about what is available to you. Get to know the phones that are compatible with your service. Ask your provider with they have suggestions based on their knowledge of your business.

Step Two: Make a List of Features Important to Your Business

Besides standard features such as Call Waiting, evaluate how your business operates on a daily basis and what functionality you require from your phone. You may consider a phone that has a large display or superior quality speakerphone depending on your needs. Keep in mind that each person in the office may have different requirements. As business owner, your daily phone activities vary from those of the front desk and sales department.

Step Three: Understand How Many Incoming Calls Your Business Receives

Knowing how many incoming calls your business receives each day is crucial to deciding how many line appearances your phone should have. Most small businesses have between three and five, but your average number could be different.

Whether your staff is on the phone all day long or you experience times when it rarely rings, investing in quality, lasting equipment will guarantee you will have a reliable line for the years to come. VoIP provides your business scalability, flexibility and mobility so work can also be completed both in and out of the office. If you’re ready to choose the VoIP phone that works for you, contact our experts today!

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