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How Will 5G Change VoIP? What Does 5G Mean for Businesses?

You may think that we have reached the pinnacle of fast internet with 4G LTE. Gone are the days when 2G and 3G weighed us down. We can stream videos on the go and download apps in the blink of an eye. So what more could we ask for? 5G!

5G technology is on the horizon and it’s bringing about more than just blazing speeds. There are essential aspects to 5G that can help businesses when it comes to communication.

Extraordinary Call Quality

The speeds of 5G take communication from standard to exceptional by eliminating delays, echoes and dropped calls. While these issues are rare on 4G LTE networks, 5G can run at speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster so the connection is never broken. Customers will take notice of companies who can conduct higher quality calls.

Take Video Calling to the Next Level

Video and audio conferencing are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern office. However, there are still areas where this technology can be improved upon. 5G offers effective bandwidth management that will enrich the quality of video calls and significantly reduce buffering time.

Video calling may also take on exciting new forms as 5G is integrated. Tech experts in Korea have already preformed the world’s first 3-D hologram call, and this technology could be moving to offices by 2020.

Thriving Businesses

This intensive, unwavering connectivity that 5G networks can provide will undoubtedly change the capabilities of all businesses. Architectural firms will scrap 2D blueprints and project 3D models instantly onto their workspace. Construction workers on 20 story-high worksites will have a clearer picture of pedestrians walking below by using drone technology. 5G networks can transform cities by operating everything from parking meters to street lights!

Sadly, this technology isn’t here just yet. 4G LTE will have to support your VoIP system for a little while longer as the world awaits the official unveiling of 5G. While we eagerly wait, it is fun and exciting to consider the glorious possibilities that the future of the internet has to offer!

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