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Moving Your Phones to the Cloud: What’s Involved?

Have you been hearing the latest buzz around cloud communications? It’s a fresh, fast technology that many businesses are moving towards. We explore what is really involved in making the switch and how a cloud-enabled workforce can improve your company!

Moving your voice, collaboration and customer service to the cloud may sound like a costly, time-consuming disturbance but it is actually quite simple. The cloud connects to your business’s existing internet and Internet Phones or VoIP. In today’s web world, high-speed internet is fully capable of providing a clear, quality connection. And unlike legacy telephony systems, an internet-based system requires less repair, zero technician visits and easy upgrading.

Woman holding a smartphone
Fig1. – Stay connected from anywhere by adding smartphones as extensions to your virtual office phone system.

Security is essential for business operation, and some have questioned the safety of using a completely web-based platform for hosting your data and communications. Your cloud communications provider will address these concerns and take multiple security measures to ensure comprehensive protection. Some of these measures include implementing VPN connections, clustered firewalls and call behaviour monitoring algorithms. It is important to talk about all of your safety concerns when going digital.

When making the switch, you can add smartphones as extensions to your virtual office phone system. This means that employees on the move can stay connected from anywhere at any time! The cloud provides more control by allowing you to change your voicemail password or turn on an outgoing message no matter where you are.

Cloud communications are offering a breath of fresh air for business owners who are through with the trouble of traditional telephony. When set up is easy, maintenance is clear-cut and return on investment is almost instantaneous, the time to switch is now! If you’re still debating whether this is the right move for your business, contact our experts for more information.

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