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Why is VoIP QoS So Important and How Can I Adopt it?

Despite our increasing progression into the digital world, phones still serve as the cornerstone of any organization. Steadfast, simple and hospitable phone service is essential to maintaining customer relationships.

Quality of Service, known as QoS, is the measurement of the overall performance of a VoIP, computer network or cloud service. QoS is essential for a company’s marketing and sales departments that rely heavily on the quality of the office phone service.

Unlike email communications, phone calls are performed in real-time. Employees have to be on the ball when talking to customers and try to avoid stumbling over their words. But even the best sales teams may not be able to recover from a bad connection or frustrating delay. Missed calls, dropped calls, data loss, static on the line, delays or echoes can put your business’s reputation at risk.

Having enough bandwidth to sustain your office is very important. Call quality is achieved by allocating bandwidth properly to support calls. This can prioritize network traffic so that your phone system always takes precedence over other internet activity. No matter if staff are file sharing, streaming videos or downloading files, the call quality will not deteriorate.

This modification streamlines an office’s momentum and keeps all departments running smoothly. If the internet speed lags slightly on a video to ensure that an important contract can be finalized over the phone, than it is worth it.

To implement QoS on your network, you must first take a look at your router. Routers forward data to the correct parts of your computer network. Determine whether your router is equipped with QoS software. This software can be synchronized to meet your internet traffic needs.

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