Cloud PBX

An Insightful Guide to Today’s VoIP Features

Many businesses are choosing VoIP because of its abundance of enhanced features. Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, delivers more than just a high-quality, reliable phone service. Offices are switching to VoIP for a variety of reasons. It could be to cut costs on daily communication or to eliminate the hassle that comes with conventional phone lines. Check out the ways that internet telephony can improve your business!


IPfax brings faxing into the modern age. This internet faxing service, provided with VoIP, guarantees a faster send and receive ratio than its conventional counterpart. It can reduce a number of costs including: paper, toner, machine maintenance and the overall cost of local and long distance faxing.

Call Transcription and Visual Voicemail

Voicemail has been stuck in the dark ages for many years, with no real improvements to its capabilities. But now VoIP has turned voicemail into an incredibly intuitive tool. With call transcription and visual voicemail, voicemails are converted to text and sent immediately to your email. This ensures that you will never miss an important call no matter where you are. You won’t have to search through your messages to listen for the important details of a voicemail and employees can easily be forwarded voicemail messages quickly via email. The hassle of traditional voicemails ends with VoIP!

Call Rules

Routing calls is easy and flexible with a VoIP service. Unlike analog phones, call rules can be set up by department or on an individual user basis. A rule may be set up to for all incoming calls to ring the office phone first, then your mobile device and finally be sent to voicemail. This rule can be switched on and off as you please without incident.

Mobile Devices

VoIP allows employees to use their professional numbers on their personal mobile devices. This ensures that employees can work from anywhere and will never miss important connections with customers. This improves workplace flexibility and work-life balance for staff.

These three features just scratch the surface of what Telecom Metric and VoIP can do for your business! Internet telephony can make an incredible difference in all realms of your organization.

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