How do I protect myself against Toll-fraud?

Most phone providers offer so called ‘endpoint protection’ where they encrypt the physical hardware such as your PBX system and desk phones. With Toll-fraud however, hackers use the outgoing SIP trunk network to reroute phone calls to take advantage of your minutes. This is often not monitored by your phone provider but by the owner of the SIP trunk, such as Bell and Broadsoft, and they charge you for those minutes.

TMI leverages it’s own independent nationwide SIP provider. Therefore we are able to set automatic thresholds to monitor your outbound calling. If you reach 20% of your average spending our technicians will check whether the outbound calls are suspicious in order to avoid toll-fraud. Most often calls to abnormal destinations cause unexpected costs when the phone is being hacked. Our technicians will also inform you when 80% of your normal maximum spending is reached. This assures that you never pay too much while we make sure that no one else uses your network.

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