VoIP Security: Are You at Risk of a Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks are on the rise and criminals are getting smarter. Any facet of your business that is connected to the internet is at risk of compromise, including your VoIP system. Criminals can easily find weaknesses in your network if it’s not properly protected.

Understanding Threats to VoIP

There are many different situations that can take place once a Voice over Internet Protocol system has been hijacked. Listed below are the most common VoIP security threats that occur.

  • Social Threats:

    the intentional misrepresentation of identity, rights, authority and content.
  • Eavesdropping:

    the monitoring of signaling, the data stream, and/or conversations between two or more VoIP end points.
  • Service Abuse:

    Premium Rate Service (PRS) fraud, which contributes to over $6 billion in fraud loss for companies each year.
  • Intentional Interruption of Service:

    a Denial of Service (DoS) attack that disrupts service.

Research has shown that the majority of attacks happen outside of office hours when there is no security team available to supervise cyber activities.

Three Ways to Prevent Attacks

  1. Firewalls:

    a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) firewall monitors and regulates communication traffic and filters out anything that appears devious.
  2. Secure Passwords:

    being stringent about user passwords is an effective way to ward off threats. Updating passwords every two months is another preventative measure.
  3. Network Monitoring:

    monitor your network the same way you monitor your bank account. Ensure that your service provider has sufficient remote monitoring technology to recognize suspicious activity before it becomes a big problem. Talk with your provider about beneficial routines such as regularly reviewing your company’s call records.

Working in collaboration with your staff and VoIP service provider will give you the best chance of operating a secure network. Contact our experts to find out more about protecting your business!

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