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Why Canadian Businesses Choose Cloud VoIP

The unique features associated with cloud-based VoIP have made it the most popular solution for workplace communication. We’ve compiled a list of these features and the main reasons why the majority of Canadian businesses have decided to rely on cloud VoIP. Additional insight will be provided into the comparison between cloud hosted PBX and onsite PBX. In the end, the hope is to convey the understanding that using the cloud is required for businesses to remain competitive. The plethora of benefits the cloud offers puts enterprises at a disadvantage to choose the alternate, legacy, communication option.

Remote Accessibility

Implementing a system that is ‘cloud-based’ entails that communication is enabled from any location using any device with internet connection. This allows for workplace flexibility, as now work is no longer confined to the office, where the old desk phones are located. Given the nature of the job, the capability to work remotely can be fully realized with cloud VoIP.


Typically, the cloud hosting platform which providers offer is geographically redundant. The network used at Telecom Metric performs automatic load balancing, saves backups, and exhibits built-in failover. With 9 geographically distributed data centers customers can be confident the system will experience a high quality of uptime, and reliability.


The quality of security is only as good as the resources and expertise of your IT team. Telecom Metric actively monitors all layers of network traffic to prevent intruders from unauthorized access, DoS attacks, Toll-Fraud, and other vulnerabilities. Furthermore, we offer end-to-end encryption, VLAN segmentation, MPLS routing, and a variety of other protective measures. 


Speaking of the importance of a knowledgeable IT team, Telecom Metric offers professional multi-tiered telecommunication and cloud support 24/7. We can be relied upon to assist with issues or configuration of any sort. Considering our expertise and service is so comprehensive, we are also your sole point of contact for your business communication troubleshooting.


The infrastructure can be scaled smaller or larger on-demand according to the average traffic. Of course, usage statistics will supplement the IT department’s gauge of what strain the system will undergo. Being able to scale one’s infrastructure in the short term is extremely cost effective.

Privacy Compliance

There are strict federal and provincial laws regarding privacy in Canada. Telecom Metric is entirely Canadian owned and operated, so clients can be confident their data will remain within national borders. Of course, this is a constantly evolving landscape, as can be seen with the recent introduction of Bill C-26, and as such working with knowledgeable specialists is more important than ever.

We’ve highlighted the most vital features of cloud hosted VoIP, each of which are unavailable for businesses using legacy phone systems. However, there is an additional incentive for Canadian businesses to make the transition towards cloud VoIP. Telecom Metric specializes in integration of a phone system with Microsoft Teams. In fact, we are a certified Microsoft partner, which stresses our reputability in the field of cloud hosted infrastructure and telecommunications. Microsoft Teams is a software which is part of the Microsoft suite of applications also known as Microsoft 365. In the process of cloud migration, we offer our assistance so that email inboxes can be seamlessly transferred, along with any other software, files and infrastructure. We leverage our expertise to deal with the complicated aspects, making the overall process simple for you. This is what we call a ‘turnkey migration’. 

In terms of the economics of transitioning to cloud VoIP, the costs vary drastically between industries and businesses according to infrastructure requirements and expected call volumes. In some cases, moving away from legacy phone systems may either save businesses money, or cost them more. Regardless, obtaining these features associated with Telecom Metric’s cloud VoIP is desirable, as they grant a competitive edge in terms of productivity, security, and reliability.

If you are curious as to how your business can benefit from cloud hosted VoIP reach out to us today! We are always willing to have a quick, or in-depth, conversation about how the capabilities of VoIP can be applied to your business. In addition to our direct routing services, we offer guidance on the entire process of cloud migration which can be accessed by visiting our partner Server Cloud Canada’s website.  

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