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Unifying Your Cloud VoIP Solution

Due to the complex nature of establishing secure workplace communications, there are many areas where vulnerabilities may arise. It is through unifying your workplace communication solution by choosing a single, competent, cloud VoIP provider that these vulnerabilities can be patched and eliminated. Thus, the importance of unifying your cloud VoIP solution will be brought to light.

Cloud VoIP is a complicated service with many technical components. Typically, these components, including internet, cloud, SIP trunking, physical servers and office phones, are all supplied by different providers or manufacturers. Therefore, when a business implements cloud services, they are employing a variety of companies who each oversee a particular component. Due to the anatomy of the cloud, if a problem arises, the customer is advised to reach out to whichever support team oversees that particular component. However, if it is unknown which component is accountable for the cloud-wide problem, then the process of contacting each individual service provider or device manufacturer is convoluted and wastes valuable time. Even when the problem is identified and you are attempting to design a solution, maintaining communication between said companies is very difficult. Oftentimes, the blame is thrown around and no provider or manufacturer is willing to admit fault.

Now, we will explain what we mean when we refer to ‘unifying your cloud VoIP solution’.  In order to avoid the miscommunication dilemma, businesses can choose a single company such as Telecom Metric to oversee all components of cloud VoIP, inherently unifying their cloud VoIP solution. Telecom Metric leverages its partnerships to provide reliable service and a comprehensive support system which acts as the one-stop-shop for any inquiries. Therefore, support is consolidated to a single point of contact so that communication is most efficient. Telecom Metric’s in-house engineers offer multi-tiered, 24/7, support. Thus, this results in minimized time to troubleshoot technical issues and unparalleled quality of service.

Further implications exist for unifying your cloud VoIP solution, this time concerning security. When employing multiple companies to oversee your workplace VoIP communications, the quality of security is bound to fluctuate between components. Furthermore, there is a higher likelihood of accidental vulnerabilities, or gaps, in the network which may not fall within the responsibility of any particular company, and exist unknowingly. These inconsistencies in the security of a cloud VoIP solution can result in unwanted intrusions. There are three common security breaches to make yourself aware of:

Toll Fraudis a form of direct internal system access and is a type of brute force attack. This is where a hacker takes control of your telephone and uses the number to make long-distance international calls. They are able to redirect their customers using your number and make money off of your business. Many businesses are often unaware this is occurring until they receive their phone bill.

Eavesdropping is when an individual is able to tap into your telephone network and listen in to conversations, recording valuable voice data. This is easier to do when there is no endpoint encryption or SIP authentication.

Denial of Serviceis another type of security breach. In this case an individual organizes an army of computers, often through criminal means, and sends an unrealistic amount of requests towards a phone network which overwhelms the server forcing it to shut down.

In order to mitigate these security breaches, Telecom Metric offers a variety of industry leading security features. End-to-end encryption, active monitoring, strict security policies, and regular security assessments are all utilized to ensure the highest degree of network security. If you’re interested in the more technical side of these security features, you can find out more here!

Unifying Your Cloud VoIP Solution

Additionally, legacy phone systems require manual updates for each individual device. Considering this process is tedious, many devices (office phones, fax machines, printers) continue to operate on outdated software. This means that even if a vulnerability has been identified and patched on those devices, the vulnerability continues to exist because the patch has not been successfully rolled out. Sometimes, outdated devices are also discontinued, and receive no further updates. This presents a security threat to your business.

Employing Telecom Metric as your cloud VoIP provider entails the scheduled roll-out of updates to all devices automatically. This eliminates the tedious manual labour previously required from the I.T. team. This ensures that all devices are up-to-date with the most recent available updates so as to eliminate unnecessary security threats.

Considering the components for cloud VoIP may be supplied by multiple providers, it is increasingly difficult to comply with federal and provincial privacy laws. Each company will likely exhibit different fine-print for the management of data, which will be difficult to navigate in bulk. In choosing Telecom Metric, you can be guaranteed that your data will remain within Canada, considering we are entirely Canadian owned and operated. Furthermore, we are more than willing to offer our expertise and guide you through privacy law compliance, making the process simple for you.

Telecom Metric’s services are hosted via nine geographically redundant servers evenly distributed throughout Canada. This ensures a high degree of service reliability and up-time, considering we have established automatic failover and backup. In the event that a particular server, or data centre, fails, our load balancing will switch the activity over to another replacement automatically. This, coupled with backups, ensures that our disaster recovery strategy is prepared for the worst, including criminal activity, natural disasters, and more!

The purpose of this article is to convey the importance of unifying your cloud VoIP solution to a single company such as Telecom Metric. Doing so improves technical support, security, disaster recovery, and much more! If you’re interested in how this concept is applicable to your business, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always willing to have a quick, or in-depth, conversation about the implications for your business in particular!

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