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CASE STUDY: An Ontario Municipality Modernizing Workplace Communication

This Ontario municipality has a rich history and exhibits elements which are categorized as both rural and urban. The area is home to tens of thousands of residents and covers a couple-hundred kilometers squared. A large team works to provide a catalog of amenities to the various residents, including recreational and tourist activities, or even business development and consultation. Due to the nature of their operations, their employees are very spread out in terms of geographical location, emphasizing the need for adequate workplace communication. This Ontario municipality found their existing form of workplace communication to be incompetent when seeking to enable employees to work remotely, from any location. Employees were confined to work from the office because this is where the tools of communication, such as the analog office desk phone, were accessible. This municipality was interested in modernizing their workplace communication and, due to their existing licenses, preferred a solution integrated with Microsoft Teams. This municipality had a variety of unique requests and criteria which needed to be fulfilled. Find out how Telecom Metric tailored a unique proposal for this municipality in order to provide the most secure, flexible, and capable solution.
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