In the event of a failure of the system, how long does the recovery take?

Telecom Metric manages a fully backed up & redundant environment with built-in failover on all levels of the network:

  • Server Failover: Each deployment has a primary and failover cloud PBX. The primary server (DC1) is mirrored at all times with another server that is hosted in a second Data Center (DC2) for geo-redundancy purposes. The bounce back time between Server 1 and Server 2 is 5 minutes.
  • Trunking Failover: TMI monitors the load on trunks and, if a trunk failover might occur, our technicians will proactively mitigate the problem by increasing the number of calls that can be made.
  • Internet Failover: In the case of a network outage, TMI can offer internet service via another medium (i.e. supplying a failover 4G/LTE modem at each Canadian location) to assure a resilient and redundant connection.
  • 911 Failover: TMI provides an optional key differentiator in the way of a true enhanced 911 (E911) service. The solution supports a location-based E911 service for ease of locating emergency callers. This service is faster than normal VoIP 911 services and can be extended to a hybrid solution leveraging analog lines.

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