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The Role of Unified Communications In The Remote Workspace

In recent years, many businesses have realized the benefits of operating in a fully remote workplace, or a hybrid setting, and have decided to make the transition away from working exclusively in-office. In fact, specialists claim that around 40 percent of jobs in Canada can be worked from home. Of the businesses who choose to migrate to the remote workspace it is important to understand their reliance on unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

Regardless of whether someone works all of their hours away from the office, in a fully remote setting, or makes trips to the office from time to time, in a hybrid setting, unified communications is an essential service to employ. This is because the cornerstone of effective teamwork is communication. Nowadays, a plethora of digital communication options exist which are so practical they challenge even conversing or sharing work in-person. As such, even exclusively in-office businesses use unified communications to take advantage of the features which are offered.

The problem is so many digital communication tools exist that it can become overwhelming for an IT team to try to configure and maintain the infrastructure. Dealing with inadequate support, security hazards, or a non-user-friendly-environment can make the implementation of digital communication tools seem futile. That’s why finding a reputable unified communication platform is a crucial task. Unified communications consolidates chat messaging, voice, video, and conference calls, file sharing and app integration, into a single platform. This platform eliminates the complications of employing a variety of unoptimized, or incompatible, communication tools. It is accessible via essentially any modern digital device with internet connection which allows for complete workplace mobility. 

Furthermore, businesses can utilize the scalable nature of the cloud by upscaling and downscaling their services to appropriately fit the size of their team, on-demand. Additionally, businesses no longer have to pay for hefty maintenance costs (as seen with on-premise infrastructure) as these are replaced with pay-as-you-go standard service costs. This modern subscription model makes financing your operations more economically feasible.

Telecom Metric offers unified communications as a service in the form of direct routing for Microsoft Teams. We specialize in security and support. We offer 24/7, multi-tiered support, and are willing to invest our time and resources to ensure your business operations are up to, and even exceed, your standards. In terms of security, our end-to-end encryption, active monitoring, regular security assessments, strict security policies, and user training ensures your business is protected with the industry’s best practices. Telecom Metric is entirely Canadian owned and operated meaning that 100 percent of your data remains within Canada’s borders. This is crucial for privacy law compliance. With reports finding that 18 percent of businesses were impacted by cybersecurity incidents in the last year it is more important than ever to prioritize security.

On this note, we’ve also identified one of the major weak points in many businesses’ infrastructure to be their aging hardware which hasn’t received the latest software updates. Especially with on-premise solutions, manually updating each individual office desk phone and device is often considered far too monotonous and time consuming to be considered ‘worth it’. This neglect has often resulted in major security breaches as these un-updated devices are left vulnerable. To combat this, Telecom Metric offers the scheduled, automatic, roll-out of updates to all devices in the system via the cloud. This modern solution ensures the infrastructure exhibits no vulnerabilities. This process is simplified to act as a ‘turn-key’ solution to secure workplace communication.

Furthermore, Telecom Metric is partnered with the communication software Microsoft Teams which proves to be one of the best, if not the best, communication platforms for professional communication, file sharing, and more. If you’re interested in what unified communications as a service can do for your business, reach out to us today!

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