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The latest news and updates on secure VoIP communications.

Cybersecurity has been labeled a top priority by chief information officers following frequent criminal activity targeting business operations. A recent release by the FBI states that just shy of a million complaints were received by their Internet Crime department with potential losses valued at around $6.9 billion. Additionally, Statistics Canada reported that one in five businesses were impacted by cybersecurity incidents in 2021. Over one third of these attacks were reported to have no clear motive. In accordance with the escalating nature of these events it is beneficial to turn the focus towards a particularly important field of cybersecurity—this being telecommunication. The intricate, ever-evolving, nature of this industry makes achieving the primary goal of sound telecommunication security very difficult. Any experienced IT team knows this is no walk in the park, yet in today’s day and age it is essential. A breach can mean lost time, lost resources, lost profit, jeopardized customers and a deteriorated reputation. Just to keep you updated, here are some of the most common telecommunication security threats currently, along with how to deal with them:

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