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While the rest of the providers are claiming they have a true 911 solution… We provide you with a direct link to emergency services.


True E911 Services

Unlike other providers who require you to connect to a third party to verify your physical location on the internet, Telecom Metric has a unique and trusted “True E911” Solution that can verify your location when you are in the office and direct your call directly to your local emergency response call-centre.

Because VoIP phones can be plugged in anywhere on the internet, there has not been a secure way to verify the callers exact location. Telecom Metric is now able to install location specific hardware to verify that you are at your desk and need help. This shaves multiple seconds off of response times which could be crucial in an emergency.

911 Emergency

See for yourself!


Redundancy & Failover

With 9 redundant environments offering automatic backups & built-in failover, your data is always safe.

Encrypted Traffic

We secure voice and conference calls with authenticated, end-to-end encryption.

Session Border Control

We protect the borders between multiple service provider networks to keep communication safe & secure.

Secure Hardware

We provide your small business with the most advanced and secure hardware.

The Competitors

Caller Dials 911

Emergency Situation

Third Party Call Centre

A third party receives the call and determines where the caller is located

Call is Routed to Local Emergency Centre

Once the callers location is determined the call can be routed to the local emergency response team

Emergency Response

Once the ERT has a location to work with, they can then dispatch to the right department

The TM Difference

Caller Dials 911

Emergency Situation

Server Determines Location

Call is routed to the local emergency response team

Emergency Response

ERT can dispatch to the right department

Valuable time where lives can be saved!


One of our E911 solution specialists will be happy to contact you for a quick call at your convenience to learn more about Telecom Metric’s secure communication solutions.

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